Developing Africa Group is UK based Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Commercialization,

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About IPR

Key risks and issues in Africa IPR can address

African Mother and Child

The unfavourable economic situation in Nigeria faced by mothers and their children during the pregnancy & nursing phase leads to loss of life. According to UNICEF, while Nigeria represents 2.4 per cent of the world’s population, it currently contributes 10 per cent of global deaths for pregnant mothers.

Trademark Violation Outsourcing

Financial loss and adverse impact on business reputation due to trademark violations and counterfeiting in the marketplace by opportunistic criminal elements results in reduced profits.

Due Diligence
in Africa

Using IPR to improve due diligence in Africa

Digital Investments
into Africa

Using IPR to allow digital investments into Africa


Using IPR as a means of addressing food insecurity in Africa

Healthcare Services
in Africa

Using IPR as a means to address healthcare services in Africa

International IPR into
Nigeria and Africa

Attracting international IPR into Nigeria and Africa’s development

What they say

"Nigerian fraudsters have given Nigeria an undeserved reputation and the IPR commercialization project which will enable the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish a stance that would detect fraudulent actions in the field of commerce with effective and detailed due diligence and by so doing impede the fraudsters ability to continue giving Nigeria a bad name.”"

Hajiya Ahmadu-Suka Chairperson, DAG

"Since trademarks are crucial to the promotion of trade and economic development, and Nigeria happens to be one of the strong regional hubs of trade in Africa being the continent’s biggest economy, it is no surprise that it has attracted the world’s IP governing body in Abuja, as Nigeria hosted one of the only two World Intellectual Property Offices, WIPO in Africa, the other is hosted in Algiers, Algeria. This project would assist the Registry of Trademarks in the effective administration and enforcement of Trademarks rights in Nigeria”."

Dr Yauri Nigerian Trademark Registrar

"The Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment, explained that the MoU will allow the Group to use IPR as a means of resolving some of the trade challenges facing Nigeria and creating jobs.

Otunba Adebayo Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment